Studio Friday – My tools

My favorite tools at the moment are: my Dymo, my sandpaper block and my date stamp. I rarely do a project without using at least one of them, often two of them.


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5 Svar på Studio Friday – My tools

  1. Gabrielle skriver:

    OH! I LOVE My Dymo too! I forgot to mention it on my entry! We all have such awesome tools, don’t we?!
    have a great weekend

  2. Dai skriver:

    this is the first post that I see a Dymo. It seems like a handy tool!

  3. Anke skriver:

    Oh, I would love have some of those tools! Enjoy creating with them!

  4. Ouissi skriver:

    I love date stamps…would love to get some old ones…may have to hunt some out…

    Ouissi x

  5. Lilie skriver:

    Great that you could limit your tools to 3 only!