Studio Friday – Time


Studio Friday

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10 Svar på Studio Friday – Time

  1. mary ann skriver:

    how cool! i took a snap of my clock too!

  2. naomi skriver:

    Cool Image!

  3. Kimc skriver:


  4. Anke skriver:

    Did you make the watch by yourself? Neat idea!

  5. Karin skriver:

    Yes, I did it myself, it is a CD which I covered with vellum and then embellished.

  6. Tine skriver:

    Great time measuring device, hehe 😉
    I don’t even have a clock in my studio not do I have a wrist watch, hahah!
    That’s so awesome that you made this one yourself!


  7. Gabrielle skriver:

    I love this! What a nice little clock you altered and made yourself! I have made a few as well! I enjoy the simplicity of making them and the satisfaction of giving them as a gift.

  8. Ouissi skriver:

    The clock is so pretty…a wonderful idea!

    Ouissi x

  9. Ellen skriver:

    What a great idea, altering a CD to create a clock! This one is so cool!

  10. Pamela skriver:

    Nice post, love your clock!