Studio Friday – A room with a view


Studio Friday

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11 Svar på Studio Friday – A room with a view

  1. denise skriver:

    oh! i LOVE your view!
    such wide,welcoming skies!

  2. Joy skriver:

    Oh wow! how European….you lucky girl!

  3. andrea skriver:

    See now I think your wrong, I LOVE this view! Very urban, and chic. Very cool!!

  4. Tracy L skriver:

    City Girl! Nice view!

  5. Gabi skriver:

    Very nice view! Looks like a cold day? Same as here!! Brrrr!!

  6. Reminds me of the move ”Rear Window” where he sits and watches the neighbors…

  7. naomi skriver:

    Great view, lots of energy.

  8. Becky skriver:

    I love your view!

  9. Tracy skriver:

    What a great view – very inspiring being able the watch the town below and yet be close to the sky. I love it!

  10. Lisa skriver:

    How cool! Reminds me of a picture I took in Dublin a couple years ago…rooftops from the top of a parking garage. 🙂

  11. Ellen skriver:

    Love your view—I can see that you are definitely NOT in America! When I look out two of my windows I see rooftops and a gothic church steeple with a clock that gongs out four times every hour. If I squint, I can almost believe I’m somewhere in Europe!