Studio Friday – Eyes

Eyes, I'm all eyes

Studio Friday

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7 Svar på Studio Friday – Eyes

  1. tempestdelfuego skriver:

    What a varied collection of eyes!

  2. Francine skriver:

    What a great collection!

  3. denise skriver:

    love the eyes!!!
    but MY eye spies the greatest shelf ever…love that shelf!

  4. Tine skriver:

    These are so adorable eyes! Amazing that they all have their very own expression.
    I love the ones of that angel on top, he is such a cutie!!!!

  5. kristin skriver:

    Yes that shelf ROCKS! ANd a cool assortment of eyes in your collection for sure 😀

  6. Kara skriver:

    Oh, I love how you put this together with the shelf (cool shelf!) and then the detail shots of the things on the shelf.

  7. sallyt skriver:

    Ha! Great post. I even played a matching game between the eyes on the right and the figures on the left! Fun collection.